Sunday, October 7, 2018

Pray for Our Nation

     This post is the fulfillment of a promise I made to our VCC family this morning. I promised to post the longer version of something I saw this past Friday night during worship. It is not intended in any way to be a political statement but rather a call to pray for our nation and leaders as we are urged to do in 1 Timothy 2:1-4. Historically, every great Spiritual Awakening has been preceded by fervent, united prayer and deep repentance. Here's what I saw.
     During worship I was taken in my mind (taken in the Spirit) to Washington, D.C. I was sort of "in the air" looking down at the city. From that perspective I first saw a large church building that began to be clothed in fire (Heaven's Fire), and I heard the Lord tell me that spiritual awakening will begin to happen in this (and other) significant congregations in Washington, D.C. This building may have represented the National Cathedral, but it at the very least represented a key congregation or congregations in our nation's capital. As I was looking at the church building, I felt God encourage me to declare, "Fire, fire, fire..." (Those near me on Friday night would have heard me doing so.)
     The next thing I saw was thousands and thousands of angels assembled around the city. They were in battle array and ready to be deployed. They were to be deployed against the hordes of the enemy, which I could also see. The enemy's soldiers were like storm troopers and had already successfully penetrated the city with wave after wave of warriors. But God's armies formed a larger and fiercer army, and they were already unsheathing their swords and preparing for battle. I sensed God telling me that these Angel Armies were going to be fully released/activated by the prayers of God's people.
     The third thing I saw was a large worship banner with "Jesus" written on it being waved over the Capitol. This occurred as we were singing "What a Beautiful Name." I could not see who was waving this flag, but it was a clear picture (and, at the very least, another invitation to pray).
     I also saw Spiritual Awakening ("revival") come to at least four other places in the U.S.  I trust there will be more than these four, but these may have been shown to me to let us know that awakening is coming: I saw God's fire come upon Denver, Dallas, Houston and Redding, CA. Regarding Redding, I heard Papa say that "Fresh Fire" was coming to Bethel Church, Redding: a "revival of the Revival." I sensed that this is close at hand and will validate the rest of what I was seeing. 
    I submit this to you as one of the most significant visions I have had in quite some time, and I invite you to consider joining me in prayer for the purifying, renewing, strengthening Fire of God to fall upon our nation's capital--its key churches, our leaders, and everyone else, too, of course. 

Praying for our sadly divided, broken nation,

Tom, one Abba's children

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