Saturday, August 24, 2013

Love Heard My Cry

    I have obviously "dropped out of the blogsphere" of late. There are too many reasons to describe why this is so, but the main one is that Charlie and I have moved to a new home. Even as I write this I sit in a sea of unopened boxes and wonder when the sea will subside!
     But on this day, when I am so very aware of Papa's healing of my broken heart, I felt compelled to share a portion of Psalm 55 a dear friend sent to me not too long after the "great sorrow day" in my life. It's from a book entitled Psalms for Praying by Nan Merrill, and I offer it today as a tribute to the Loving One who heard my cry; yes, who always hears our cries and heals us. It's hard for me to put into words how well this psalm describes our Abba, but maybe you will catch the wonder as you read it.

Yes, I call upon the Beloved, and Love will heed my cry.
From morning through the evening I moan in my loneliness, and surrender myself to Love.
The Beloved will deliver my soul in safety and give me strength to search within,
to find the source of my fear.
Love's presence will make itself known to me, bringing comfort and stilling this disquiet within.
With gentle and tender guidance I shall find my way Home.
Fear and doubt sought to capture me, weaving webs of confusion, breeding lairs of anxiety.
Sowing false seeds of empty promises, they sought to take control.
Yet You, O Beloved, were ever near, waiting on me to call upon You.
I offered my fears up to the Beloved, and Love heard my cry; I sought the One who ever listens;
once again, I knew Love's Presence.
Yes, You, O Beloved, bring my fears to the fore, exposing them to the Light;
I abandon myself into your hands,
Into your Heart I commend my soul, in You will I trust.

Marveling at His love, commending my soul into Abba's Heart!

Tom, one of Abba's children